Lisa is a holistic health practitioner and has studied raw and living food nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousins. She is currently completing her Holistic Nutrition Diploma. She is a Certified Nutritional Microscopy Analyst, has her Live Food Chef level 1 Certification, is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and has been practicing mindfulness based meditation for over 20 years. She holds a bachelor of social work and is passionate about working with people to support them in their healing process.

Lisa grew up with progressive parents in the 1970’s. Her family ate organics, shopped at the local health food store, and used medicinal herbs. She witnessed both her grandmother, and her step father heal from cancer by changing their diets from the standard American diet to eating organic vegan, whole and low glycemic foods. Lisa believes in the healing power of the body, mind, and spirit.

Lisa has long been on a healing journey herself.  She understands firsthand the effects of chronic stress, IBS, anxiety, and depression. She believes that the most important factor in healing is learning how to relate to the conditions in our lives and the issues that present, with compassion. Learning healthy coping mechanisms and adopting self nurturing tools while getting the support of others is paramount for healing.  Learning healthy ways to “relax”, such as exercise, saunas, yoga, meditation, long deep breathing, walking in nature, playing with children and animals, visualization, long baths, creative expression and massage,  can have long lasting healing effects on the body, mind, and soul.