Vicky’s background is in social work and case management for some of Canada’s most addicted, traumatized and socially disadvantaged populations. She has been working with addicted people for over a decade and has a wealth of experience in both residential and outreach settings. She is an active member of the Vancouver Foundation's Fostering Change Initiative, both as an advisory member and grantee. In 2008 she piloted and developed the Portland Hotel Society’s community services first Youth Housing First program, and continues to consult on the staff training in new low barrier housing models throughout the province. In addition to her foundational role with Solid Ground, Vicky is currently actively developing Social Enterprises by and for young people in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and continues to be excited by the potential of social enterprise as a vehicle for change.

 Vicky’s personal philosophy rests on the belief that there is value along the entire spectrum of addiction treatment, from harm reduction through to 12-step abstinence and there is no single correct way for people to find freedom from addiction. She believes that their are essential survival needs that all humans require before they can put down the tools of drugs and alcohol- primarily the need to feel valued, loved, useful and part of a positive, supportive community. Her goal is to help give each person who comes through the Solid Ground program the tools they need to continue nurturing these tools into a robust and beautiful life, free from the bondage of addiction. She has been privileged to witness how implementing this philosophy has been key to so many people’s journey in healing from addiction.