The Program

The Solid Ground Program

Our Method

Solid Ground is a men’s residential drug and alcohol treatment center (rehab) that treats both the underlying cause of addiction as well as the addiction itself. Using a scientific client-centred, compassionate, non-judgmental treatment approach that combines the best aspects of narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing, the staff at Solid Ground are skilled at promoting change and setting the stage for clients to achieve lasting success. If you are ready to work toward positive change, we are here to help.

 We provide clients with an effective, meticulously planned, luxurious home-like therapeutic environment that maximizes their ability to achieve and maintain lasting addiction recovery, physical health and overall well-being.

At Solid Ground we offer evidence-based treatment tools that include daily individual and group counselling, as well as comprehensive addiction education. We facilitate the use of outside support groups, because they increase an addicted person's chance of remaining abstinent.

What makes us Different

Solid Ground maintains a very small client group at any given time with a high staff to client ratio. This ensures an intimate, community focused, family-like environment. Small group sizes mean that all of our clients receive the ongoing individualized attention that maximizes successful recovery.

We recognize that drug and alcohol addiction is complicated, and do not subscribe to a single modality or belief that would limit a client's treatment options. Instead, we identify and utilize what works for each client, based on his needs, values, strengths and experiences. We work with each client individually to craft a fully personalized treatment plan, guiding them to define and measure the terms of their own lasting success. We work together to make this vision of success a reality.

Narrative Program

Our Narrative Program re-examines and re-tells stories and assumptions clients have carried for their whole lives. The program often shows clients that old stories of victimhood and pain are actually stories of strength and sources of inspiration. Similarly, perceptions of aggression and violence are often revealed to be misguided reactions to emotional pain. At the end of the narrative program, clients will have re-examined the most important aspects of their lives, actions and beliefs, and will possess drastically new, empowering perspectives on themselves and their abilities.

Navigating 12-Step programs

The Solid Ground program is based on the assumption that addiction is, in part, an attachment disorder, and that community is the cure. There is no better ready-made community for those recovering from addiction than the hundreds of 12-Step programs that currently exist. Solid Ground identifies specifically what works in these programs, for each client, and what doesn’t - encouraging attendance with the goal of community building; making like-minded friends based on values and outlook rather than blind adherence to the 12-Step narrative.

We look at 12-Step programs from start to finish, highlighting their positive and negative aspects. Clients will be fully empowered to take what they want and leave the rest. From the Solid Ground perspective, we hope that each client will see the value of 12-Step programs while also being skeptical enough to avoid the many pitfalls that commonly occur within these programs.

SMART Recovery

Our in-house SMART recovery program focuses on building concrete skills through extensive use of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques that have been repeatedly proven to help addicted people change their destructive patterns and replace these habits with more positive patterns.

Support Programming

In addition to our core programing we offer clients the option of participating in weight training in our on-site gym, fitness-based Thai Boxing, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Recovery program and a weekend outdoor recreation program that takes advantage of the areas many seasonal activities including sea kayaking, snow shoeing, hiking, trail running and more.


The Solid Ground treatment program includes detailed and thorough aftercare planning based on each client’s specific needs and the resources available in his home community. Because the causes and effective approaches to treating addiction can be very different for different people, there is no effective cookie-cutter approach for aftercare. We recognize this and create a plan that suits each client’s individual needs.



For Families

Very often, it falls on the family to arrange for the addicted person to enter into a treatment program. At Solid Ground we understand the position that a family of an addicted person is in, and the vital role families play in convincing someone in active addiction that they need help. Nobody wants their loved ones to suffer, and most families will do whatever it takes to get them the help they need. We regularly consult with distraught family members about how they can best approach the addiction of a loved one

Recovery for an addicted loved one can start with a phone call, and that phone call can ultimately lead to the end of the destructive patterns of addiction—lack of accountability, lost jobs, missing days, stolen belongings, hospital and jail visits, broken relationships, and much more. We can offer immediate help by:

  • Consulting on your loved one’s addiction and associated behaviour
  • Talking about the treatment options available to you in your area, and whether residential rehab is appropriate
  • Discussing proven strategies to help your loved one become motivated to seek treatment
  • Offer individual and family counselling services to provide on-going support for the addict/alcoholic through every stage of entering and graduating treatment as well as supporting family members in learning how to establish a healthier and more fulfilling family dynamic going forward.

 If your loved one is receiving treatment at Solid Ground we will work with you to maintain positive contact during their stay, and arrange visitation when appropriate. With the consent of your family member we will provide regular updates and provide post - treatment guidance to the family that complements our client’s aftercare plan.




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